Your technology engine

Building digital solutions for maritime services, port terminals and petrochemical plants.

We optimize your operational flows.


Boost your efficiency. By connecting your systems, you always have the right people and assets in the right place at the right time. Regardless of changing circumstances.


Industrial environments hold many safety hazards. Apply the power of Internet of Things to ensure a safe workplace for your employees and visitors.


We bring your security to the next level, combining powerful software with solid hardware.

Why Rombit?

We combine business know-how, technological expertise and operational experience.

About us

Port knowledge

We speak your language. Previous projects have given us valuable experience with the port ecosystem,  its complex processes and IT systems.

Internet of things (IoT)

We cover every aspect: creating IoT devices, building APIs, developing cloud-based software, performing advanced data analytics and more.

IT project governance

We go for a strict project and business alignment to ensure your business value: we define clear steps, roles and responsibilities to keep every project on track.

End-to-end solutions

Think big, start small. We design, deliver and maintain large-scale software and hardware projects, fully tailored to your needs.

Ask us, challenge us.

Together there is nothing we can’t do.