The smart way to manage temporary occupations of street space

A*Sign™ offers an end-to-end signage solution for the temporary use of public domain. It combines the world's first wireless mobile no-parking sign with a user-friendly city management platform.

The challenge

Each city has thousands of street projects per year. The unorganized use of street space causes significant mobility and parking problems. As a city, you may use mobile traffic signs for temporary parking prohibitions or traffic deviations. However, traditional signs entail significant constraints: the risk of unauthorized movement or theft, the unclear visualization of dates/times, the need to go on-site to make any adjustment, the lack of control and overview ...

City of Antwerp

Antwerp, with 520.000 inhabitants the largest city in Belgium. Thanks to A*Sign, it now successfully handles over 50.000 requests and permits a year.

Our solution

City Management Software

A user-friendly cloud platform for the total automation and digitalisation of requests. 

Smart Signage 

Digital no-parking signs, equipped with Sigfox, NFC, GPS and E-ink screens.

A*Sign is part of the Romcore City Suite. 

Discover more at www.asign.io



The number of public servants involved in the management of a single request dropped from 7 to 2. Less paperwork, more productivity.


Thanks to the automation of the request management, Antwerp now has 3 times as many approved permits and a much clearer real-time view on public domain usage.


As the amount of requests is multiplied by 3, city revenue increased equally.

The return on investment of A*Sign is spectacular. The number of regularizations has tripled in less than a year.

City of Antwerp.

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