One user-friendly platform to manage your speakers and music sources

For HOMA, Rombit has developed a cloud-based platform that controls multiroom speakers: switch effortlessly between your internet radio, streaming services and local music within one app. Use your smartphone as a user-friendly dashboard to control all speakers.


The challenge

Artcore by Artsound stands for enjoyable music experiences. Create a plug and play multiroom solution: a flexible, open platform with a cloud-based architecture and a user-friendly application.

House of Music and Accessories (HOMA)

This Belgian-based company offers smart audio solutions and accessories for both home and business settings, with ethically responsible and sustainable products at an affordable price.

Our solution

  • Intuitive mobile app

  • Complete cloud solution

  • Agile project management

  • Testing of the solution incl. hardware

  • Service desk support

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Rombit is a flexible and trustworthy partner. The team worked closely together with our suppliers and delivered a solid, easy to use and future-proof platform.


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