An efficient solution for checking-in a flexible and ever-changing workforce.

BadgeControl is an intuitive access management and check-in at work solution, based on the Romcore framework.

The challenge

According to EU and (when applicable) Belgian regulation, every worker and subcontractor needs to be registered in the Belgian social security database before entering a construction site. When you have a large and ever-changing workforce, this is a continuous administrative hassle with many errors.

Amec Foster Wheeler, Total, Exxon Mobil, Colruyt

Every organisation facing construction works or industrial turnarounds. with a flexible and varied workforce.

Our solution

  • Workers and subcontractors can check-in at work via the distinctive yellow badge points
  • These weather- and crashproof IoT devices provide an automatic link with NSSO registration
  • The device is connected - through Romcore - with a web-based platform and mobile applications for on-site use. 
  • That way, contractors get a clear and real-time overview of all construction sites, subcontractors and workers.

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BadgeControl is a self-explanatory check-in solution. The web platform handles everything we need in terms of attendance management.

Margot V. B., Office manager - AMEC Foster Wheeler

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