Improving safety with wearable technology

Using Romware to support workers’ situational awareness

Inattentional blindness causes hundreds of accidents each year. It’s the number one safety concern in many high-risk sectors such as construction. Situational awareness is vital. In order to prevent workers from getting injured while executing their job, the Romware Worker Wearable combines multiple safety functionalities. BESIX Group is the world’s first construction company to put the Romware Worker Wearable to the test.

The challenge

Every day, the BESIX construction yard in Frederikssund (Denmark) hosts hundreds of workers and heavy vehicles. BESIX is building a new 4-lane dual carriageway over a distance of 8.2 km, including a 1.4 km tolled high bridge over the fjord and 11 smaller civil structures (bridges, fauna passages, cycle lane passages). In this demanding working environment, it is challenging to avoid accidents and near misses.


Based in Brussels, BESIX Group is a global player and the leading group in Belgium in the field of construction, concessions and real estate development. Active since 1909, BESIX operates in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and Australia. BESIX’s in-house Engineering Department enables the company to achieve unique projects with a high level of technical and environmental complexity. On each of its sites, BESIX pursues excellence in terms of quality and safety, while striving to reduce its environmental footprint.

Our solution

In January 2019 Romware and BESIX set up a pilot project, focusing on tracking and notifying workers:

  1. Geofencing: notifying workers automatically when they enter a dangerous area
  2. Reducing the risk of man-machine collisions: notifying workers automatically when they approach moving equipment 
  3. Managing and mitigating risks proactively: start processing historical data of incidents and near misses 

Romware functionalities: Position Detection, Geofencing, Access Control & Certification, Proximity Detection, Historical Data Processing

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This first trial convinced us. The Romware Worker Wearable helped us to directly impact people’s behavior on site, while collecting data to improve collective safety measures.

Stanislas, BESIX Technical Office Engineer

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