Port Visualization Platform

Integrated, real-time platform for pilotage and mooring

Operational efficiency is indispensable in the port sector. For Brabo, Rombit creates one user-friendly platform, integrating existing and new data sources. By visualizing all data in a geographical overview, Rombit enhances the situational awareness for pilots, boatmen and dispatchers. It provides an automated decision support system by applying big data analytics and machine learning.

The challenge

Help Brabo become a future-proof pilot organization: digitize all paperwork; unlock historical and real-time data; integrate views from different processes and systems in one digital platform and provide automated decision support.

Brabo CVBA

One of the leading European pilotage & mooring/unmooring companies and a technological pioneer in the maritime sector.

Our solution

Rombit offers a phased approach:

  • Step 1: Workflow digitization: planning &  time registration, order management, incident management, routing

  • Step 2: Adding IoT sensors for track & trace solutions, access control and time registration

  • Step 3: Integrating & visualizing in one user-friendly platform: online dashboard and mobile applications

  • Step 4: Machine Learning for automated decision support 

Maritime pilots from around the world are impressed by our revolutionary port visualization platform.

Ronny Detienne, CEO Brabo

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