Smart Worker Wearable

Your all-in-one worker safety & security device

Improving safety and security across a variety of industries

The challenge

Unauthorized area access, machines operated by undertrained employees, worker accidents,... Industry plants are confronted with significant safety and security risks on a daily basis. A multitude of standards make a uniform certification, access control and position detection solution very hard.


Rombit manufactures proprietary devices under the RomwareTM brand. Romware offers next-gen IoT devices that each greatly improve site safety and security.

Our solution

Rombit's Worker Wearable allows you to address both your safety and security challenges. It offers multiple industry solutions:

  • Certification
  • Object notification
  • Evacuation
  • Geofencing
  • Lone worker button

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Integrate your Romware Worker Wearable in a smartwatch, belt, safety vest or helmet.


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