The Brokery

Cloud-platform managing 3 key real-estate activities

The Brokery is a cloud-platform that quickly generates property estimates, market analyses and inventories of premises

The challenge

How to cut down on many workflow and administration hours at the office? How to provide quick quality reports to customers, while on-site?

The Brokery

The Brokery is a real-estate software company that chose Romcore as a platform for its services. The Brokery consists of webviews and native mobile apps that quickly generate property estimates, market analyses and inventories of premises.

Our solution

The three modules of The Brokery enable realtors to engage with property-selling customers, in real-time:

  1. Property Estimates, a professional full-feature report of the estimated value of the property
  2. Market Analysis, an overview of all relevant closed deals in the vicinity
  3. Inventory, a speech-to-text mobile app, with image upload and recognition functionality

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The Brokery easily saves me 10 hours of office administration a week, and it quickly generates quality, professional-looking reports. My property-selling clients really appreciate this level of service.

Bart V.D., Managing Partner - Immo NOORD

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