Making it happen. That’s what we’re about.

3 don’ts at Rombit

  • Don't hesitate. If you think you have a good idea, share it. Forward-thinking solutions rely on different insights.

  • Don’t shrug. Our clients problems are ours. If you don’t care, you won’t come up with a brilliant solution. We will.

  • Don’t sigh. Negativeness is a waste of valuable energy. We’ll figure it out together.

Rombit is a high-energy, fun and open-minded place to work.

Pieter Helsen, CTO

Meet our team

Jorik Rombouts


Bart Van Delm

Bjorn Rombaut

Bouwe Ceunen

Brett Daman

Everyone who works at Rombit is highly specialized in their respective field. They are all engineers, with a passion for internet of things and web technology.

Jorik Rombouts, CEO

Charlotte Sterkens

Dirk Michiels

Emiel Masyn

Eve Tang

Evert Bulcke

Femi Veys

Frederik Goovaerts

Gie Spaepen

Glenn Ceurvels

Jan de Kock

Jan Huijghebaert

Jeroen Nelen

Jeroen van Beirendonck

Jo Giraerts

Jo Somers

Joachim Jonkers

Joachim Verbeke

Joren Van Severen

Karolien Sluyts

Kevin Verelst

Klaas De Nys

Koen Vansant

Matti Desmet

Michiel Mol

Nabil Makhout

Natasja Ceulemans

Nico Janssens

Nico Van Looy

Olivier Deckers

Olivier van Rompaey

Philippe Bouwen

Pieter Helsen

Ramses Zeulevoet

Raquel Gomes

Sliman Said

Stefaan Moreels

Stephanie Hertogs

Stijn de Haes

Stijn Hermans

Tessa De Cleen

Thomas Nagels

Thomas Pels

Thomas Van De Velde

Tim Vanhaeren

Tom Van Boghout

Vince Verberckt

Ward Jansen

Wesley Van De Voorde