Futureproof technologies for
demanding industrial sites

Implementing technologies to solve problems.

Rombit is a solution provider, rather than ‘just’ an IoT company. Guided by our 'Return on Innovation' principle, we apply common sense first and then design and develop technologies to solve problems and help industrial companies to work smarter. Rombit's awarded Romware and Romvision technology show what you can achieve with the power of Industrial IoT.


Create the safest and most efficient work environment using the power of IIoT.


rombit romware wearable for social distancing, worker safety, site security
Small wearables for big impact

Romware offers ready-to-use wearables. Indoor or outdoor, we have what it takes to bring your worker safety and site efficiency to the next level.


rombit romware anchors
Plug-and-play technology

Are you using your existing assets in the most efficient way? Track them to gain actionable insights. We offer a full range of anchors for every application.


Rombit romware platform
Real-time monitoring and analytics

Making timely, fact-based decisions enables you to keep your competitive advantage. In case of calamity, your response time even makes the difference between life and death.


Make your existing camera network smarter. Much smarter.

Computer Vision

Plug-and-play technology

By using deep learning techniques, we help your cameras “see” and understand the content of the digital images it captures. Trained for your operations specifically, you can automate security checks and traffic flows, as well significantly increase safety on your premises.

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